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A Friendly Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Right Headphones

With so many headphones currently available it can become very confusing to find the right headphone for you. Whether you are looking for headphones to exercise or produce high-quality audio in the studio, you will find the best headphones that is perfect for your needs. Additionally, you will learn about a wide variety of headphones available and the different options featured throughout brands.

Types of Headphones


Earphones are headphones sit inside your ears with a snug fit. Most models come with rubber earpiece to keep the earphones from falling out while moving.


Earbuds are very similar but sit on your outer ears. They commonly don't offer the same sound quality and isolation as other Earphones but are very cheap and highly affordable for the average price.

Over-Ear Headphones

Sometimes referred to as "full-size headphones", over-ear headphones have padded ear cups that fully surround your ears. Over-ear headphones are usually expressed as having the best sound quality by audiophiles and professionals. Most models are focused on isolation from outside noises and is most commonly referred to as "passive noise reduction"

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones sit on your outer ear and typically produce good sound quality with less or no isolation. Though others around may be able to hear what you are listening to and you will be able to hear outside noises, unlike over-ear headphones.

Wired Headphones vs. Wireless Headphones

Wired Headphones

Wired headphones use an audio cable to connect to your phone or any other audio device capable of sound output. Ordinarily, wired connections provide exceptionally good sound quality and do not require any extras features like batteries, chargers, or Bluetooth technology. If you are thinking about getting a wired headphone over a wireless headphone, there are some definite advantages to consider. If you are a frequent or occasional jogger or walker, some models incorporate highly reflective color cords to provide better safety when going outside at night. While if you are a gamer, you will not have to deal with dead batteries or interrupted Bluetooth connections while amidst an intense match. Also if you are looking to do any professional music production, more than likely you will always lean towards a wired headphone for superior production.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are amazing for on the go usage and hands-free accessibility. Additionally, they provide easier movement and no frustrating cord entanglement. Today almost all wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to your phone or any other device capable of audio output. For those who are new to Bluetooth tech, it is a strikingly reliable syncing technology equipped with all new smartphones, tablets, and computers manufactured after 2012. Like wired headphones, wireless headphones have some definite advantages to consider. A lot of wireless headphone brands have started to offer amazing features like noise cancellation, long lasting battery life, and the option to switch between wireless and wired connections. These features are ideal for somebody looking for the best possible sound quality while still having hands-free tech while going around town and even making phone calls wirelessly.

True Wireless Earbuds

True wireless earbuds are headphones with no wires (sometimes wired) but sit inside each ear and usually charge via a charging kit. True wireless are fairly new to the market but are great for those joggers and gym enthusiasts. Most models have even implemented waterproof technology and longer lasting battery life. Though the average battery life on a single charge is around 5-6 hours of uninterrupted listening.

Behind-the-Neck Headphones

A rather new concept of headphones, Behind-the-Neck headphones rest on top of your neck and feature retractable earbuds. To some listeners, behind-the-neck headphones are more comfortable than traditional headphones. This headphone is quite useful if you do not want to disturb your hairstyle before work or if you wear glasses so they do not press against the side of your head.

Special Headphones Features

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones have become extremely popular during the past couple years, to give the listener a personal listening experience from the outside world. It works by using small microphones that measure and cancel out unwanted ambient sounds and electronically transmit inverse waves back into the earcups. An incredibly useful feature for those traveling a lot to take the stress out of crying babies, rumbling airplane engines, rattling subways, and unwanted outside conversations.

Sound-Isolation Headphones

Sound-isolating headphones are just like regular headphones but they use a special seal within your ear canal that are made of foam or silicone to isolate unwanted outside noise. This is commonly referred to as “Passive Blocking”, which really means that the noise isolation process has no active electronics involved.

Noise Canceling vs. Sound-Isolation

The difference between the two is simple. Sound-Isolation headphones work passively as Noise Canceling do not. Noise Canceling headphones use electronic-based processes to cancel out background noise such as airplane engines. While Sound-Isolation headphones use no electronic process and simply depend on the fit of your headphone. The more snug the fit, the better the seal will become to isolate the external noise.

Volume Limiting Headphones

Volume limiting headphones are intended to keep volume decibels low enough to prevent future ear damage. This type of headphone is great for children as it will prevent them from turning up the sound too loud to where it could cause permanent ear damage. Although they are not purely intended for children, they also have an equally great effect for adults. Those who are attentive about protecting their hearing will be satisfied with volume-limiting headphones.

Bone Conduction Headphones

Unlike traditional or even behind-the-neck headphones, bone conducting headphones rest upon your frontal ear and your cheeks. These headphones operate by sending vibrations through the side of your head to your brain, thus bypassing your eardrums. Pretty cool huh? This new feature is actually based on a technique discovered by Beethoven in the 18th century. Those who don't want to have any temptations to turn up the volume loudly, like joggers or bikers have a great option to reduce ear strain and stay vigilant while listening.

Biometric Headphones

Purely designed for fitness and gym enthusiasts by monitoring your personal heart rate. It works by recording your pulse straight from your ear canal along with blood oxygen levels, metabolic rates, and calories burned. Although it is important to note that depending on your brand of headphones, chances are that you will need a compatible app like Samsung’s S Health application. Not mention that they play your favorite tunes as well!

Surround Sound Headphones

Surround Sound headphones are amazing for home entertainment. Sounds that are generated from stereos and not from the tv set can sometimes sound delayed and detached to many people. A common problem listeners often encounter is the amount of sound separation between your ears and surround sound systems. This is what surround sound headphones correct. Most surround sound system brands feature multiple speakers for a complete 360-degree listening, while virtual surround sound systems use only two speakers to replicate the feeling of listening to multiple speakers. A good surround sound headphone will reproduce multichannel sounds and will replicate a virtual surround sound system.

Headphones with Built-in Microphone & Controls

Online gaming has come along way in the past 10 years. Today every online game features some sort of personal communication, most likely through voice communication. Headphones equipped with a microphone are extremely useful for making and receiving phone calls, playing online games with friends, or even just talking to Siri. Additionally added to a microphone, some headphones include a controller which controls sound volume, turns on/off and mutes the mic, and plays previous and future tracks. It is also important to check the back of the packaging before purchasing headphones with a microphone due to some microphones working best with specific operating systems.

Choosing the Best Headphones for Your Lifestyle

Sports & Fitness

If you want to get that extra rep at the gym or want to be comfortably motivated by your favorite playlist, we have some of the best recommendations out there. Considering the wide variety of headphones, earphones and earbuds available, we have shrunk down the endless options into a few simple suggestions for those fitness and sports enthusiasts.

Earbuds are our favorite option for exercising. Brands like Beats by Dre, JBL, Sennheiser, and Jaybird all feature a diverse selection of ear clips to keep your earbuds in place and to keep you motivated.

While earbuds are a great option for working out, wireless over-ear headphones are also a favorite for comfortable and easy listening. Some models like Urbanears’ Hellas feature a wireless connection, a built-in microphone, a sweat proof design, and washable ear pads.

Our last option is the new and improved Bone-conducting headphones. This is a great alternative if you train with friends and want to keep your ears free while still listening to your favorite music.

Home Entertainment & Gaming

Whether you prefer surround sound, watching movies, gaming online or just want a great pair of headphones for cleaning the house, these our best selections for home listening.

By far the best selection available for home usage would be over-ear headphones. Fusing deep bass, high-quality sound, comfort and a built-in microphone together to make listening and gaming at home euphoric. Models like Bose’s QuietComfort 35, Beats by Dre Studios, and Sony’s MDRXB are all extraordinary options to truly enjoy music and intense gaming moments at home.

On-ear headphones are also a wonderful option to listen at home. They are not as rich as over-ear headphones but deliver an equal amount of sound quality. Models like V-MODA’s XS, Beats by Dre Solo 2, and Sennheiser’s Momentum are all excellent options that all convey superb quality and soft cushioning for relaxing comfort.

Work & Travel

Many of us often find ourselves overwhelmed with distracting noise within our workplace or while traveling. Thankfully features such noise cancellation and sound isolation help seclude you from the everyday commotion at work and take the stress out of traveling.

Much like how music helps to motivate us to workout, it also helps us to work and block out unwanted noise while traveling. Noise canceling headphones greatly suppress unwanted external noise. Models like the Sony’s MDRZX, JBL’s Everest Elite 300, and Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC9 all offer amazing noise canceling technology for you to relax and enjoy your trip or even to focus and complete your work.

Though if you are working or traveling in a more controlled environment, like an office or a train, these Sound isolation earphones might be better suited for you. Models like Able Planet’s SI500 and Shure’s SE215-K are both highly rated sound isolation earphones that have been approved by numerous professionals and audiophiles.


Making our style known has become an average part of modern living as we always love to express ourselves daily. Headphones companies have now implemented various colors, patterns, and celebrity endorsements to let listeners make their style known.

Brands like Beats by Dre, Soul by Ludacris, Sleek by 50 Cent, Swarovski, Skullcandy, Monster, and even Louis Vuitton have developed signature eye-catching designs that have taken the fashion world by storm.

Studio Production

Those who want the best possible quality headphones intended for serious studio production definitely want to check out our recommendations only for professionals.

Audio Technica’s ATH-M50X has been on the top of the list for some time now. It is because of it’s absolutely incredible ability to mix and master music like you never have before.

Sennheiser’s HD 600 are currently up for debate as the world’s best headphone for mixing. These headphones are so powerful that you’ll need an amp to use these bad boys with your iPod or smartphone.

Beyerdynamic’s DT 880 offers the most powerful OHM currently on the market. Featuring an amazingly wide frequency range capable of mastering tracks with ease and confidence.

DJ & MC’s

DJs and MCs are always the life of the party. When it comes to equipment you need reliability when performing in front of your audience. These recommendations require a definite look through.

Beats by Dre Mixr is an awesome headphone that can swivel for one open ear action while still producing your personal mix on stage.

Pioneer’s HDJ-2000 is a really professional DJ headphone worthy of its price. Giving out some of the best sound quality while live, for under 200$.

V-Moda’s Crossfade M-100 is one of our personal favorites due its functionality. Perform live with your mix, listen at home or listen on the go for amazing sound quality.


Most of us know how kids act when they don't get what they want. Now you don't have to worry with these practical headphones that are safe and fun to use.

We always recommend buying volume-limiting headphones for children under 6 years old. It helps prevent ear damage and are still loud enough to keep engaged in watching cartoons and movies. Available in a variety of colors and sized just for kids. Also, most headphones for kids are designed to be very durable for hard usage. Make sure to keep these tips in mind as you shop for your next pair of headphones.