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How Chord Mojo Turns Your Old Headphones Into Amazing Headphones

If you have an older pair of headphones and are thinking about upgrading, before you do, consider a new amplifier by the name of Chord Mojo that now converts your good headphones into amazing headphones. An older pair of headphones with improved audio quality might just be better than buying a new pair headphones. With so many manufacturers trying to replicate the process of better sounding headphones, the Chord Mojo has successfully perfected it.

Smaller than your smartphone, the Chord Mojo delivers amazing performance with a convenient 10-hour battery life. Ideal for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Chord Mojo’s output is nothing short of astonishing. Truly closing the gap between high-end digital-to-analog converters that can be priced from $1,000 upwards. This has left a lot of professionals and audio lovers to support only a few skillful manufacturers.

chord mojo 1

Small Yet Dynamical

This little yet powerful amplifier, has some seriously impressive technical specifications. Not to mention a greatly satisfying bass improvement when listening to your headphones.

  • Output Power @ 1kHz
  • 600 ohms 35mW
  • 8 ohms 720mW
  • Output Impedance: 0.075 ohms
  • Dynamic Range: 125dB
  • THD @ 3v – 0.00017%

It also is compatible with your smartphone, Mac, or PC for easy accessibility. Though for iDevices you will need Lightning adapter kit for connectivity. While for PCs and Macs, the Chord Mojo connects via USB without any additional adapters.

Chord Mojo’s Swift Design

Featuring fairly big buttons for volume control and of course power, the button roll in all directions for easy scroll control. Adding to the Mojo’s swift design, its features two headphone outputs for easy studio production, music sharing, or even movie sharing. Honestly, a great feature to give not only your headphones a much need boost but your friends as well. But what makes the Mojo such an outstanding amplifier is the ability to power the most challenging of headphones. From a such a small device it can convert powerful studio headphones like Sennheiser’s HD 800 and Audio Technica’s ATH-M50X, and even small earbuds and earphones.


Overall using Chord Mojo to improve is a great choice to add a much need boost to your old or new headphones. Experience crystal clear audio quality and amazing dynamical range. It looks like Mojo is really changing the game.