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Every gamer knows that whether in casual or competitive play, a good set of gaming headphones can be a game changer. Usually everything else in-between is an added bonus. So for looking for the best possible gaming headphones, we want to consider three major factors that are essential for every type of gamer.

Sound Quality

Determining the overall sound quality for gaming headphones can seem difficult but it is actually really easy. There are multiple “sound quality test” videos on Youtube. These help those looking for a good quality gaming headphone with various sound commonly encountered throughout games. Though, how we determine sound quality is different and includes an in-depth measurement of the gaming headphone frequency response. This frequency response is measured in Hertz (Hz) and is the most effective way of measuring the accurate range of headphones. Once frequencies are read and recorded they are then classified as lows, mids, and highs. From there they are compared to the rivaling headphones to see accurate results. It is very important to note that frequencies are different depending on the person and it is always recommended to test the headphones yourself. For more information about different and how we measure them, please visit our About page to learn about our in-depth processes.

Something else to take into account when determining sound quality of gaming headphones is if they support virtual surround sound (VSS). Most gaming headphones use VSS and have ridden themselves of stereo audio. VSS in gaming headphones makes gaming fun, as it will make you feel like you are actually in the game hearing the surrounding noises. We always suggest investing in a quality gaming headphone that has great VSS. It will give you an extra edge for an in-game advantage. As you will be able to hear where actually your enemies are and will be able to find out where they are coming from. A very important aspect especially for those who are looking for competitive play.

Microphone Quality

A major part of gaming is collaborating with friends online. Just like in real life, when you work together you will achieve together. The same goes for online gaming and headphones with viable microphones provide just that. A good microphone can be the difference in winning and losing in competitive gaming. Letting your teammates where enemies are hiding, who to team up with and what to do next is all done through communication.

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It is also important to get the most versatility out of your gaming headphones. Whether listening to music, making phones or gaming online, your microphone should be clear without any static problems. Your voice should be heard with clarity, especially if you plan to make business calls over Skype, Facebook or Google Hangouts. Having versatility in your headphones is a very smart choice, that way you can complete multiple tasks without having to but multiple headphones or switching between them. Having one great headphone for gaming, music, and making calls is a must for those who want the most out of their headphones.

Checking the headphones design is one of the first things we as the consumer should read. What type of connection does it require? Does it include VSS? Is it compatible with Windows and Mac? Do you need additional batteries? These are questions we should be asking and checking for before buying. Especially for batteries, there is nothing worse as far headphones are concerned, than when the batteries die in the middle of an important match. A common and frustrating occurrence of gamers that can be easily avoided if users read the design aspects before buying.


Lastly, the last factor of the ideal gaming headphone is undoubtedly comfortability. It is imperative to know that gaming headphones never come in one-size. Most gamers spend three or more hours in one day playing. That means that for the average span of gaming the users spends about 15 – 21 hours per week gaming. So while gaming it is important that the headphones do not cause any discomfort. Which is why choosing these factors are essential for the right gaming headphone.

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Gaming headphones all have similar and different features within their specific design. The main feature you want to look for in a comfortable gaming headphone is thick padding and a lightweight design. Tremendiouloisly helpful as when playing for a long time period time, time will seem to fly by fast. Seriously ideal for hardcore gamers who are paid for competitions for 12 or more hour sessions.

It also recommended that the bigger the headphones, the more comfortable. Though I say that with the utmost of caution. Just because it is bigger than your last gaming headphone, does not mean it will be more comfortable. That is why we need to check if it is bulky or not. Usually, the bigger headphone the more padding it will have, although it may be uncomfortably bulky. Always check the overall weight of the headphone because they may be comfortable within the earcups but may cause discomfort on your neck if too heavy. That is definitely why comfortability is one of the most important aspects of gaming headphones.

Choose the Right Platform

Additionally, you should also consider which platform you are going to play on mainly. Some headphones are only compatible with certain platforms. Usually, gaming headphones make their products compatible with the o=most used gaming platforms like XBOX ONE™ and PS4™.

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Read Online Reviews

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about headphones before buying them. Online reviews and forums like Reddit are your best source of information by users that have experienced the headphones first hand. Even check Youtube videos for in-depth reviews and tips. It may just be your next choice for buying the ideal pair of gaming headphones. Other websites like Amazon are also amazing for reading reviews seeing the average user ratings for a better idea of what the headphone is really like. Think about all of these things including the factors listed above in buying your next gaming headphone to ensure you are getting the most out of your gaming.


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