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Kids Headphones

Whether your children are going back to school or getting ready for their summer vacation, it is important that your kids headphones are safe. Choosing the wrong headphones could result in permanent damage to your children’s hearing. It is also dangerous to place your headphones on your children as this can also can long-term damage to hearing. This why we have come up with a detailed and essential guide for safe, affordable, comfortable and durable headphones for kids.

What Are the Safest Headphones For Kids?

Expert scientists have concluded that kids should not spend more than two hours listening to headphones. While the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that 85dB is the safest limit, though many studies have disproven this statement as “still potentially damaging children’s hearing.” Daniel Fink MD, who currently is working with the Board of the American Tinnitus Association, has said: “An industrial-strength occupational noise exposure level meant for truck drivers, factory workers, and miners is far too loud for a child’s delicate ears, which have to last her or him a lifetime.”


Though the trouble lies with 70dB being too quiet and 85dB being the average limiter, even though it can still potentially cause long-term hearing damage. As more reasons to why 85dB may be unsafe is due to children’s ears being more sensitive to noise. This is because of the development of a child’s body is still growing with nerve fibers and other cells, especially within their auditory canals. Another consideration for parents to look out for is that with kids headphones it can be harder to discern what volume level your children are listening to, unlike watching TV for example. Close monitoring by parents is also recommended for the safest possible option.

So what are the safest headphones for kids? Volume limiting headphones are by far the safest choice for kids headphones. It is very important to remember to check the dBs at which are limited. Make sure they are somewhere between 70db and 80dB for the safest possible options. The most sensible and safe option for parents is to buy a good pair volume limiting headphones but also limit the amount of time children listen to their headphones.

Volume Limiting Headphones

Kids headphones have a variety of styles and features that usually all focus on safety. The main things to consider before buying any headphones for your kids are the comfort, fit, and volume. Volume limiting headphones are intended to keep volume decibels low enough to prevent future ear damage. This type of headphone is great for children as it will prevent them from turning up the sound too loud to where it could cause permanent ear damage. Although they are not purely intended for children, they also have an equally great effect for adults. Those who are attentive about protecting their hearing will be satisfied with volume-limiting headphones.

If your kids are listening via iPhone or iPad, parents can set the volume limit feature to further limit the maximum audio output, though this setting isn’t available for Macs. Although volume limiting headphones do have a couple of disadvantages. First off, the volume limiting technology ordinarily affects overall sound quality. Specifically with the treble, bass, and the mids. At times bass can be over-emphasized, and the treble and the mids can just sound completely off. Though this isn’t a huge problem for kids, as they are mostly interested in watching or playing. Secondly, in noisy areas your kids may not be able to hear any audio due to the volume limiting technology. But this is a small technical problem as your child should only be listening for a maximum of two hours a day and should be only listening in a quiet environment anyways.

Despite the small flaws of volume limiting headphones, we always recommend buying volume-limiting headphones for children under 6 years old. It helps prevent ear damage and are still loud enough to keep engaged in watching cartoons and movies. Available in a variety of colors and sized just for kids. Also, most volume limiting headphones for kids are designed to be very durable for hard usage. Make sure to keep these tips in mind as you shop for your next pair of headphones.

Durability, Comfort, & Fit


Now that we know that volume limiting headphones are the safest option for kids, now parents should consider these three key factors for kids headphones.

Durability: We all know children can be rough with their toys and headphones are no exception. Always make sure to check your children’s headphones are durable to withstand heavy usage and a lot of drops, bends, and yanks.

Comfort: Making sure your children’s headphones are comfortable is important, as heavy headphones can cause strain on children’s necks. Kids headphones should always be comfortable enough to not feel any discomfort in their neck, back , or shoulders.

Fit: For starters, most in-ear models will not fit children and also can cause hearing damage. For these reasons it is safe to say that we would always recommend buying over-ear or on-ear headphones for the possible comfort and fit.