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Workout Headphones

For those who workout, whether to get that extra rep at the gym or want to finish the last lap on the track, we rely on music for motivation. That is why having the right pair of workout headphones is important while exercising. Considering the wide variety of headphones, earphones, and earbuds available, we have broken down the details of each headphone for those fitness and sports enthusiasts.


Though earbuds are our favorite option for exercising. Brands like Beats by Dre, JBL, Sennheiser, and Jaybird all feature a diverse selection of ear clips to keep your earbuds in place and to keep you motivated. While earbuds are a great option for working out, wireless over-ear headphones are also a favorite for comfortable and easy listening. Some models like Urbanears’ Hellas feature a wireless connection, a built-in microphone, a sweat proof design, and washable ear pads.

Bone Conduction Headphones

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With a good pair of bone-conducting headphones, you will be able to keep your ears free while listening to your favorite music. Unlike traditional or even behind-the-neck headphones, bone conducting headphones rest upon your frontal ear and your cheeks. These headphones operate by sending vibrations through the side of your head to your brain, thus bypassing your eardrums. Pretty cool huh? This new feature is actually based on a technique discovered by Beethoven in the 18th century. Those who don’t want to have any temptations to turn up the volume loudly, like joggers or bikers have a great option to reduce ear strain and stay vigilant while listening.

This new feature is actually based on a technique discovered by Beethoven in the 18th century. Those who don’t want to have any temptations to turn up the volume loudly, like joggers or bikers have a great option to reduce ear strain and stay vigilant while listening. These lightweight and effective headphones connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and fit comfortably on your head.

It may it fact take some time to fully get used to listening without anything in your ears. Notably, when bass heavy tracks are played, you may find the overall sound a bit distorted and hard to hear in noisier areas. But nevertheless, working out and making phones calls is a breeze as they allow you to stay safe while driving and doing other particular attentive activities.

Biometric Headphones


Purely designed for fitness and gym enthusiasts by monitoring your personal heart rate. It works by recording your pulse straight from your ear canal along with blood oxygen levels, metabolic rates, and calories burned. Although it is important to note that depending on your brand of headphones, chances are that you will need a compatible app like Samsung’s S Health application. Not mention that they play your favorite tunes as well!

When purchasing a pair of biometric headphones it may even sound like something out a Science Fiction movie. New apps and biometric headphones are now enabling personal trainers to coach you through your workout session. Woah! Just imagine Siri but guiding you through your workout headphones and reminding you of things like your current heart rate and estimated time to finish. Biometric headphones use to be fairly restricted to professional athletes, but now we are starting to see the first commercially available biometric headphones on the market.

Behind-the-Neck Headphones

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Behind-the-Neck headphones or commonly referred to as ‘neckband’ headphones, rest on top of your neck and feature retractable earbuds. A rather new concept of headphones, to some listeners, behind-the-neck headphones are more comfortable than traditional headphones. Designed to sit secured on one’s head to ensure comfortability and no sweaty headphones after a long run.

Particulicularlly helpful for those who are wearing a helmet, hat, if you do not want to disturb your hairstyle before work, or if you wear glasses so they do not press against the side of your head. No matter the case, Behind-the-Neck headphones are becoming popular choices among sports enthusiasts.True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds


True wireless earbuds are headphones with no wires (sometimes wired) but sit inside each ear and usually charge via a charging kit. True wireless are fairly new to the market but are great for those joggers and gym enthusiasts. Most models have even implemented waterproof technology and longer lasting battery life. Though the average battery life on a single charge is around 5-6 hours of uninterrupted listening.

Yet another great choice among workout headphones for sports enthusiasts. Connecting via Bluetooth and being a super light and maybe even unnoticeable earbud without the wires. True wireless headphones have come a long way since their initial Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. Though since its recent public availability, the price to get your hand on a good is around $150 – $400. A hefty cost for true wireless headsets.

What is the Best Workout Headphone For You?


Well, that depends on your workout. If you’re a jogger or cyclist, chances are you will want bone-conducting or biometric headphones for improved performance and safety. But then it also depends on what you want out of your workout headphones. If your just a casual runner or lifter, behind-the-neck headphones might be the best choice for you. Though if you are trying to finish that last set at the gym or the finish the lap on the track, true wireless headphones might be for you.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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