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Will the iPhone 7 Remove the Headphone Jack?

With the upcoming release of the much-anticipated iPhone 7, there have been numerous reports of Apple removing not only the headphone jack but the home button as well.

The next iPhone will surely feature next-gen hardware as well as two lenses for improved low light photography and of course higher resolution photos.

Although what is the most stunning news about the upcoming release in September is what will not be included on the iPhone. With rumors of getting rid of both the headphone jack and the home button, Apple enthusiasts speculate that it will simulate the physical feeling of clicking a home button with a virtual home button.

It would function similarly to Apple’s Macbook trackpad and would work with a touch of your finger instead of clicking. Though this creates problems within the iPhone repair community by making it even more difficult to replace the necessary parts for personal fixes and resale value.

An imitation of the iPhone 7

iphone 7 mockup

Image Credit: http://cdn.bgr.com/

Additionally, Apple would update their latest iOS 9 to iOS 10. This would also change the way people unlock and open their iPhone for all devices running the newest iOS.

So what if Apple actually does remove the headphone jack? Well if they did that would mean that there would be no more wired listening and only listen via Bluetooth and their Lightning port that rests under the newly removed home button. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones like Bose’s QuietComfort 35 would be an excellent choice for new iPhone users.

Aside from these changes, the iPhone is commonly believed to look the same as its predecessors. In fact more similar to the iPhone 6 and 6s, though with a slimmer design and possibly more color choices.