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Listen to Music Without A Headphone Jack?

With the upcoming release of iPhone 7, Apple is not confirming any rumors regarding the removal of the headphone jack. Although, major iPhone accessory manufacturers like Griffin’s iTrip Clip, has already taken necessary steps in profiting off the new move from Apple. With no official rumor confirmations, Griffin has recently introduced an accessory specifically targeted at making the removal of the headphone jack easy.

Griffin’s iTrip Clip accessory eliminates the need for a headphone jack. Letting you connect your wired or wireless headphone right into the iTrip Clip using Bluetooth 4.1. An easy and affordable adapter that is available for pre-orders at Griffin Technology for only $20. Though the rumors are unconfirmed, Griffin does an excellent job of baiting those who are already waiting for the new iPhone 7 release.

iTrip Clip 1

Without specifically saying they are designed for Apple’s iPhone 7, Griffin’s iTrip Clip states, “No headphone jack? No problem! Don’t worry if your favorite smartphone doesn’t have the headphone jack.” A clear indication of leading the iPhone fanatics along with their newest accessory.

Though is all fairness, it is a very smart move by Griffin. The iTrip Clip will see sales regardless of the iPhone rumors being true or not. Other speculations of Apple reportedly to make users rely on iPhone’s Lighting port for a new way to listen to music. No matter the outcome, other smartphones like the Moto Z, have already started the removal of the headphone jack. So regardless Apple’s decision for the headphone jack removal will not make much difference to normal users and will offer an easy and affordable way with Griffin’s iTrip Clip.

The iTrip Clip is also compatible with Google Now and Siri and features a built-in microphone. Claiming to last six hours on a single charge, to work from up to 30ft away, easy connectivity to your car’s AUX cable (sold separately), and charges via micro USB.