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Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The Jaybird X2 has recently made a huge impression for workout enthusiasts following their last release of their popular BlueBuds X in 2012. The Jaybird X2 has added some much-needed improvements as far as the competition is concerned.

Featuring all new wireless Bluetooth connectivity, noise isolation, a sweat proof design, and availability in six different color variations. Jaybird has rapidly become not only a top competitor but a top headphone manufacturer as well. Having several professional athletes such as Kerri Jennings, a three-time Olympic gold medalist volleyball player, to endorse their newest edition of sports headphones.

We will be taking an in-depth look at the Jaybird X2 extensively to determine how good they actually are and if they are worth the money. Judging from their predecessor the BlueBuds, we are expecting an excellent sound quality result as well as comfort. 

Review Overview

Sound Quality


Amazing headphones for working out and exercising! With superb noise isolation and comfort, the Jaybird X2 is highly recommended!

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  • Comfortable Foam Tips

  • Excellent Noise Isolation

  • Sweat Proof Design

  • Nice Carrying Case

  • Great Battery Life

  • May Not Fit Tightly For Everyone

Jaybird X2 Specifications

Item Weight5.6 ounces
Product Dimensions7.3 x 2 x 4.8 inches
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Shipping Weight5.6 ounces


Compared to the BlueBuds X, the Jaybird X2 has some definite improvements straight out of the gate. The first being it’s numerous color variations of Storm White, Alpha, Fire, Ice, Charge, and Midnight Black. Jaybird does a great job of adding multiple styles while keeping the overall design approach very simplistic.

The build is primary plastic and as a result of plastic headphones, they are not very durable. Though Jaybird does offer a lifetime warranty against sweat-related damage. Which is nice since many other headphones we have used for exercising become drenched in sweat by the end of the workout and usually result in some type of water damage. Thus this why Jaybird has added the “fin” looking design to hold the earbuds in place while you are exercising.

Additionally, Jaybird has included the three pairs of their Premium Sports Memory Foam Ear Tips and Patented Secure-Fit Ear Fins. This is to make sure every wearer gets the same amount of sweat absorption while also maintaining your personal fit. On Jaybird’s official website, they have some video tutorials explaining the two different ways to wear the X2s.

But from a design perspective, the best feature yet is their all new wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Though the Jaybirds X2 is still using Bluetooth 2.1, the company has said that the later versions of Bluetooth have nothing to do with sound quality.

Much like the AfterShokz Trekz Titaniums, the Jaybird X2 features a voice prompt system (Jenna), that provides voice responses for pairing options. But we found that occasionally Jenna can be too loud at times where you weren’t expecting her to blast your ears off. Haha, this wasn’t a huge problem but lowering Jenna’s voice would be much appreciated.

Sound Quality

With the much-improved ear tips for an accurate fit, Jaybird has been able to develop a better sounding earbud. The X2 is by far the best ear tip yet that provides a tighter seal without being too uncomfortable.


During testing, we found that the lows were outstanding. The bass was impressively powerful without overwhelming the vocals.

Compared to other earbuds in the same price range, the X2s were far superior in bass and treble levels.


Ignoring the potential of mids has become an average trend among in-ear headphone companies. Thankfully, the Jaybird X2 hasn’t this trend and surprisingly had some well-developed levels.

True fans of Hip Hop and EDM will be satisfied to know instrumentals as well as vocals are not overwhelmed and maintain their place.


The Jaybird X2 really shined when it came to lows and highs. Having great clarity and range, the soundstage was impressive, to say the least. Even at lower volumes, the noise isolation was great without compromising the levels.

The fit of this headphone makes all the difference to how well sound quality will be. A tighter fit ensures better noise isolation and superior sound quality, as a loose fit can result in poor isolation and undesirable levels.

Jaybird has gone the extra step in including a 3 sets of both their “fins” and ear tips. We found that using the Comply foam tips seemed to work the best as well as offering the best fit along with the best isolation of the ear tips.


There was definitely a reason why the BlueBuds were so popular not long ago for workout enthusiasts. The Jaybird X2 is no exception and offers relaxing comfort with their foam tips and superior noise isolation. While the average price on Amazon is around $130, it is easy to see why so many people are buying the X2s.

If you plan on going the gym, spending more than $100 on earbuds may be a little unreasonable. If that is the case, there are many affordable options available below $100, like Sony’s In-Ear MDR-XB50. Though offering around the same quality of noise isolation and sound quality, the Sonys are wired and do not feature a voice prompt system.

Having so many accessories is really nice when buying the Jaybird X2. Making personalization much easier for the overall fit. Having wireless earbuds while training for sports is super convenient as you can pair and go. As wired headphones, you will need to setup the music and untangle the corded earbuds before practice. Seeing both the cheaper wired earbud options and the more expensive wireless earbud options are understandable. So it really comes down to your budget at the end of the day. But we will say if you have the extra cash to invest in a good pair of wireless earbuds, the Jaybird X2 is definitely worth the money.


It is clear that a lot of effort has not only gone into making this headphone but the experience of using the X2 as well. Making sure that every feature has its purpose is a definite signature by Jaybird. Making all genres of music suitable for people with different agendas.

From running to biking, when you’re on the go, Jenna voice prompt makes wireless connectivity easy. Really helping out the first-time buyers to get the most of the Jaybird X2. Overall Jaybird has put together a really well-developed product that is worth it’s $130 price tag. That being said this was our first time using and testing the X2s. And we must say that Jaybird has managed to make a fan of their products but await the next successor as well.