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LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones

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The LilGadgets Connect+ Volume Limited Headphones are currently the best selling kids headphone on Amazon and with some promising features, it is easy to understand why. Designed for younger children (2-8 years old), the Connect+ has everything that a child needs in a pair of headphones.

Offering features such as shareport to share music with another pair of headphones, a wired microphone, and most importantly volume limiting capability. The Connect+ is available in various colors and is fairly lightweight and easy to take around. But is it really worth what LilGadgets claims it to be? In this review, we will find out!

Review Overview

Sound Quality

Ideal For Kids!

The volume limiting is great for kids! Offering convenient features such as their shareport. Highly recommended for kids 2-6 years old!

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  • Great Sound Quality For Kids Headphones

  • Very Comfortable

  • Shareport for Easy Music Sharing

  • Extremely Affordable

  • Volume Limiting at 93db

  • Not Good in Noisy Environments

  • May Be Too Small for Some Children

LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Headphone Specifications

Diameter9.2 x 9 x 3.3 inches
Frequency Range20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance 30 Ω
Speaker Diameter40mm
Volume Limited93db


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In the box:
Snug Play+ Children’s Over-Ear Headphones (Recommended for ages 3-8)
52″ 3.5mm audio cable

Out of the box, the Connect+ provides your kids a great shared listening experience by preventing future hearing damage. Kids headphones have a variety of styles and features that usually all focus on safety. The main things to consider before buying any headphones for your kids are the comfort, fit, and volume.

Volume limiting headphones are intended to keep volume decibels low enough to prevent future ear damage. This type of headphone is great for children as it will prevent them from turning up the sound too loud to where it could cause permanent ear damage. Although they are not purely intended for children, they also have an equally great effect for adults.

Those who are attentive about protecting their hearing will be satisfied with volume-limiting headphones. That is why the Snug Play+ volume is limited to 93db. A fairly balanced sound level to prevent ear damage as well be loud enough to enjoy listening.

What is great about the Connect+ is that they offer adult sound quality with a child-friendly design. The Connect+ headphones feature 40mm drivers to provide above average sound quality compared to most kids headphones currently available on the market. Whatever they are doing, they will surely be immersed in audio, whether it is a movie, game, or even an audiobook.

We all know children can be rough with their toys and headphones are no exception. When buying the Connect+ they were tested by kids and found that were durable enough to withstand heavy usage and a lot of drops, bends, and yanks. And even managed to stay lightweight and from the current reviews on Amazon, parents are saying they will last for years to come.

Sound Quality

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Before getting into the sound quality of these headphones, it is imperative to say that children should not spend more than two hours listening to headphones. While the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that 85dB is the safest limit, though many studies have disproven this statement as “still potentially damaging children’s hearing.”

With that being said there is no reason why a child should be listening to headphones for more than 2 hours. And if you as a parent find yourself unable to monitor your child for this amount of time, it is probably not the best idea for your child to listen to headphones at all. Too much listening can result in permanent hearing loss, as your child’s eardrums are still developing.

Considering the dangers of the long listening for children, LilGadgets does have a shareport which eliminates the need for a headphone splitter. Each earcup features a headphone jack for plugging right into the device itself and right into another headphone for shared music. A pretty useful feature for when the kids decide to get together. Also making group activities really fun for those parents that want to set playdates.  

Though there are some downsides to the Connect+ as well as volume limiting headphones itself. The under problems lies with the volume limiting itself. As most of the time, it is too soft in louder environments. When testing these headphones in a noisy environment like the subway station, we could barely hear the vocals to a song we were testing. We are sure that it is the same in other noisy environments like airplanes. It always a good idea to make sure your children listen in quieter environments so that they are not listening at full volume trying to make out what they are hearing.

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With the average price of $25 on Amazon, you can’t really go wrong with these headphones. Making sure that are right for your child is probably the only thing you really need to worry about before buying. As when reading the reviews on Amazon, maybe buyers said that they were great headphones but too small for your child.

LilGadgets recommends children ages two to eight should be wearing these headphone. Although, parents reported saying that they were too small for their 6-year child. Then again at $25, what do you really have to loose?


In regards to the price and the available features, LilGadget’s Connect+ are extremely high-quality headphones for children! The shareport is a great idea for kids to share not only music but engage in activities together. Really the only downside is that the volume limiting makes listening is loud environments very difficult. Making these headphones better for indoor use mostly. With that being said, we love the Connect+ and would definitely recommened it to parents with child 2-6 years old. The sound quality rivals other headphones around the same price and even the simple yet effective design allows children to immerse themselves with listening.

With that being said, we love the Connect+ and would definitely recommend it to parents with children 2-6 years old. The sound quality rivals other headphones around the same price and even the simple yet effective design allows children to immerse themselves with listening.