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PlayStation VR Without Wireless 3D Audio?

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Virtual reality developers say that audio is equally as significant as the video for VR, and 3D audio, a technique that produces positional sound to help make it feel like you’re truly in a virtual space is supported by PlayStation VR. On the other hand, the headset’s 3D sound doesn’t function with wireless headphone, Sony said in a FAQ for PSVR.

Positional audio models the behaviour of sound in real life, making it appear like sounds are coming from all around you — behind, left, right, and even below and above.

Binaural sound is returning from obscurity to make virtual reality more magnificent. The characteristic operates with wired stereo earphones; Sony is including a pair of wired earbuds in the bundle that is PSVR. PSVR’s Processor Unit, an outside box, manages the processing of 3D sound.

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Wired earphones are the only means to get 3D sound from PSVR — wireless headset like Sony’s Pulsation headsets (or wireless gaming headsets from businesses for example Astro, Turtle Beach, and SteelSeries) “is not going to work with PS VR,” according to the FAQ. That because the sound is not usually used by connections for gaming headsets from an outside source like PSVR, not from a gaming console.

Talking of gaming headsets, Sony additionally noted that users should disable any surround sound characteristics in cans that they’re using with PSVR. Encompass sound processing that’s performed by earphones “will interfere with the 3D sound from the PS VR headset,” according to the FAQ. PlayStation VR drops Oct. 13 for a whopping $399.