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New Sony MDR-1000X Might Just Have the Best Noise-Canceling of 2016

Releasing this October, the new Sony MDR-1000X could be the best Bluetooth headphone with the best noise-canceling technology of 2016. Usually, Bose is often considered the go-to headphone for noise-canceling but Sony’s new MDR might just put them in second place.

Sony is now calling is the MDR-1000X their most technologically advanced headphone yet. An exciting announcement considering Sony’s last model the MDR-1A. The Sony MDR-1000X will feature an all new adaptive noise-cancelling and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally made with some really cool features that we at Unbeatable are really looking forward to!

The Sony MDR-1000X will have embedded touch controls for adjusting volume, navigating through tracks, and best of all an all new noise-canceling technology by Sony. These headphones even adjust your personally dynamic ear size and take into account if you wear glasses. WOW! Sony is even adding a new feature called Sense Engine and personalizes your noise-canceling individually. Choosing your personal settings that allow the listener to measure and cancel out ambient noises. Meaning you will able to choose what you hear like conversations, train announcements, and car honks. A much-needed improvement of Sony to compete with Bose’s QuietComfort 35.

Sony’s MDR-1000X will also feature an absolutely awesome feature of which you muffle your music simply by putting your hand over the right ear cup. Once your hand is released the music will resume and the noise-canceling will apply again! But it gets better! Sony has even rated the battery life at 20 hours of uninterrupted listening! The MDR-1000X will be the first headphone to have Digital Sound Enhancement Engine to enhance compressed music.

A truly next generation headphone that may just be the best noise canceling headphone of 2016! Though we will find out in October when the MDR-1000X is released. To learn more about the Sony MDR-1000X, visit the official Sony website for future updates and details.