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Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800 – Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

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Turtle beach calls this the ultimate gaming headset and after reviewing the Elite 800’s we couldn’t agree more. Turtle Beach surely went out of their way to make this a premium experience that rivals the critically acclaimed A50. After all, they are both average around $300. When gaming headsets first made the jump from PC to handheld consoles, Turtle Beach was one of the first companies to make the switch. With Turtle Beach’s long reputation for gaming headsets, it is no surprise they are regarded as one of the best around in the business.

Now that we heading to next-gen consoles and will even be seeing more virtual reality based games, Turtle Beach has adapted one of their latest gaming headsets to cater to gamer’s needs. The Elite 800 brings new experiences to gaming. Featuring a 7.1 surround sound, added cushion for comfort, presets for game specifics, a longer lasting battery life, and even connectivity to multiple Bluetooth devices. The Elite 800 is one of the most comprehensive headsets currently available. 

Review Overview

Sound Quality


The Turtle Beach Elite 800 impresses us at every turn! Easily making this headset Turtle Beaches most advanced gaming headset yet! Highly recommended for any type of gamer looking to have a premium experience for a premium price.

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  • Amazing Sound Quality With 7.1 Surround Sound

  • Exceptionally Comfortable

  • Ability to Turn Off/On Active Noise Canceling

  • Premium Feel & Stylish Design

  • Seperate Earcup Controller

  • Connect to Multiple Bluetooth Devices

  • Above Average Battery Life: 10 Hours

  • Compatible On PS4, PS3, PC, & Android

  • Very Expensive

  • No Xbox Compatibility (Seperate Model Sold)

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Gaming Headset Specifications

USB Port Micro USB
Headset PowerRechargable Battery
Console Chat ConnectionUSB
Audio ConnectionOptical Transmitter
Microphone DesignHidden Dual Mic Noise Cancelling
Speakers50mm speakers
Digital Signal ProcessorDigital Signal Processor for independently controlled chat, game and mic signals
Audio mute Yes
BatteryRechargable Lithium
Shut downShutdown when placed on charging stand
Frequency Response20Hz - 20kHz
Battery life 10 hours
Digital Wireless CarrierUSB Transmitter
Speaker Impedance32 Ohms
Earcup Design Over Ear
Headband/Earpad material Synthetic Leather with Memory Foam Earcups
Transmitter Power Micro USB
Mobile Device ConnectionBluetooth
PS3 Mic ConnectionBluetooth
Optical OutputYes
Console PS3, PS4, Mobile Gaming


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Out of the box, the Elite 800 includes a transmitting box, a set of various cables, an instruction booklet, and of course the Elite 800 headset itself. Starting off with the cables, one of the two USB cables included connects to the transmitter box via PS3 or PS4 while the other cable is to program your personal gaming presets. Another one being the optical cable for connecting to your smartphone through the Elite 800 also features wireless Bluetooth capability.

As for the transmitter box, along the backside is where you will find everything you need to setup your Elites. Equipped with a pairing button for Bluetooth connectivity, a digital optical input for receiving your 800’s signal, a micro USB input for power, a digital optical output for sending audio to something such as your surround sound system, and a program only USB port.

One of my favorite features about the Elite 800 is the magnetic charging station very similar to Astro’s A50 charging station. Making charging super easy by just setting them down and letting the magnets lock them into place. Ensuring a secure fit, unlike past charging stations where they sat on top a hook-like charging station and always seemed to get knocked off.

Following other high-end wireless gaming headsets, Turtle Beach has placed remote controls on the outer side of the ear cups. Now being able to adjust independent volume control for both chat and game volumes. Make this design even more convenient is the fact that Turtle Beach has placed chat and game volume controls on separate ear cups to ensure there is no user confusion. Users can also adjust presets, mute the volume, turn off/on active noise canceling and Bluetooth connectivity.

The ear pads are extremely cushy and made with a leatherette material to give the Elite 800 a premium look and feel. While under the ear pad lies thick memory foam for further comfort. Also lining the headband is the same thick cushioned padding that feels and looks better than it does on the original boxing. But while wearing these during gaming, they felt surprisingly lightweight and exceptionally comfortable. The cushioning really does the Elite 800 justice and provides relaxing comfort for hours of gameplay. Turtle Beach has even incorporated a forward design for the ear cups supporting the overall fit.


Sound Quality

elite 800 tb2

Straight out of the box, the Elite 800 is one of the best sounding gaming headsets we have ever heard next to Astro’s A50. Offering balanced highs and lows game environments and even music so realistic. At points during testing while playing Titanfall, I really felt like I was inside of giant fighting robots. The Elite 800 really made me feel like I was part of the gaming experience which is something every gamer wants to be immersed.

This was not only impressive by Turtle Beach but smart by adding features such as personalizing your presets to allow players to experience different volume levels and environment noises for different online multiplayer matches or different games altogether. Turtle Beach even addressed previous problems of past headsets mainly being the quietness that players often encountered.

Something else that impressed us was the Active Noise Canceling (ANC) that you would normally expect from a pair of $300 gaming headsets. But the ANC proved to be a very useful feature especially for those who are always traveling. The ANC was favorite when listening to music as blocked out outside ambient noise and made traveling around very enjoyable.

Where gaming interesting though was with the DTS Dolby Digital Surround Sound X 7.1 that really gaming environments together. While playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, I was able to hear audio from a pinpointed source, such as bullet fire from behind you, or a car crash to your side. Like all surround sound processing for stereo sources, there are times where you do and don’t surround sound. Though you can enable or disable this surround sound at your will which ended up being very convenient.

Adding even more impressive was the ability to load in specific audio profiles for individual titles such as Battlefield. This is done through Turtle Beach’s Ear Force Audio Hub software on PC or the Android app. But the bad thing about that is that turtle Beach is lacking software for IOS. As for Macs, Turtle Beach doesn’t allow users to download individual audio profiles. Which is not the most ideal for gamers using a Macbook such as myself.

elite 800 tb


The Turtle Beach Elite 800’s are great and offers so really great features. The 800’s are extraordinarily designed that sounds absolutely fantastic and is packs some really powerful sound quality. The active noise cancellation is impressive, specifically while listening to music. The individual game-based sound profiles are a welcome bonus, and even the surround sound provides a realistic gaming environment.

Our favorite accessory would have to be the magnetic charging dock. Following a newer and smarter way to pass audio through the speakers to the headset. Even the overall look and feel is great and better that most gaming headsets currently available on the market. Players can also customize ear cups for your own personal touch.

With all headphones, there are a few problems, such as the lack of Xbox One and IOS support. However, these are relatively small problems compared the overall features and sound quality. If you’re looking for a wireless gaming headset with excellent sound quality, ANC, surround sound, personal customizing options, and amazing comfort then the Elite 800 is the best option next to Astro’s A50.


The Turtle Beach Elite 800 seriously impresses us at every turn. From basic audio performance to comfort, the Elite 800 is somewhat of a hybrid offering amazing quality for both on-the-go use and home gaming. When it comes to pricing the Elite 800 it is a seriously expensive gaming  headset, although it is easy for us to understand why. The Elite 800 can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once and can even add presets for some intense gaming.

Turtle Beach really put a lot of time and thought into this headset to surpass past issues of previous models. Making the Elite 800 comfortable to wear, easy to use with a great battery life and gaming with super realistic sounds. Whether you’re a professional gamer or just a casual player, the Elite 800 is without a doubt one of the best gaming headsets available and would even match up to Astro’s A50.