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USB-C May Soon Replace Your Headphone Jack

Like it or not, the USB-C will soon replace the long-standing headphone jack for almost all new devices coming in 2017. The USB-C Implementers just released their long anticipated 3.0 Audio Device that will transfer sound via USB-C ports to pretty much any device capable of audio. Although what is not gratifying is that, according to the Forum, the USB-C Implementers are mainly targeting the companies stilling using the old 3.5mm port. Though the intentions may not be intended for the general public itself, we will see slimmer devices and future improvements for audio quality.

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We’re not sure everyone will buy that last argument, but there are some advantages to the spec that are worthwhile even if the headphone jack is here to stay. Aside from offering better digital audio support (such as headphones with custom audio processing), the USB-C sound spec improves on earlier USB approaches with power-saving measures and keyword detection. In other words: a company could take advantage of USB audio without hurting your battery life as much as before, and it should be easier to implement voice recognition.

This doesn’t mean that every company will embrace 3.5mm-free hardware with the same enthusiasm as Apple or Motorola. After all, Samsung used its Galaxy Note 7 introduction to make a not-so-subtle dig at Apple’s then-rumored decision to drop the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. However, the USB-C spec may nudge vendors who were thinking about ditching the conventional audio socket and were just waiting for official support to make their move.