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Listen to Your Favorite Music With Sunglasses?

What if you could listen to your favorite music with sunglasses? A brand new Kickstarter-funded project brought that genius idea to life! A brand new way to listen to music on the go. Forever revolutionizing the way we listen to music, Zungle Panther has incorporated bone conducting headphones into fashionable sunglasses. Wow!


They feature a built-in microphone for hands-free communication as well as their signature bone conduction speakers. The speakers transmit sound directly through the side of your head bypassing your eardrums to your inner ear. A truly safe way to listen to music while on the go. Never miss sirens, honking, or even conversations.

Zungle Panther has truly wireless listening with their Bluetooth enabled pairing. Sync up to your mobile device to enjoy music, videos, podcasts, or whatever you want to listen to! Additionally including a built-in microphone to talk to your friends and family safely without taking away your hands or attention.

While charging is easy and accessible with their hidden USB port. An ingenious idea for easy accessibility. Just press the hinge and there you have it! Zungle Panther also claims it will take less than an hour to fully charge. 

My first thought on this was, is this thing heavy with so many features?  Nope! It only weighs 45 grams and is actually less an average pair on Ray-Bans. While the frames themselves currently feature five different colors. Also, you can choose your favorite colored lenses of their seven Oakley Frogskin available.

zungle 2

An absolutely astonishing product that plans to go into full production this November! To get your hands them early go check them out at Kickstarter. The project itself has already raised over 1 million dollars towards bringing this awesome idea to life. If you pledge to support their project, you are guaranteed a pair when they ship out in November.